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       Welcome one and all to El-Jay Horse Stud Small Performance Horses.

                El-Jay Dukey Boy, 10.1hh  buckskin palouse stallion.  (Pictured above). 
Thank-you for taking the time to visit El-Jay Horse Stud's site.  El-Jay Horse Stud was founded in the year 2000. 
Within the stock of El-Jay Horse Stud I first aim for quality as a riding and harness horse ideally for children or adults, and the colours are a bonus.  All my broodmares are going under saddle and have been shown at local ag shows in hand.  It is very important to me that all my broodmares are of the highest quality possible and be absolutely suitable in every way for a child before I breed from them.  I have consistently bred colourful well natured and very trainable little horses for the past 15 years and I am proud to present my young stock up for sale when they are absolutely ready for a young family once trained and the horses have the experience to suit.
I am located near Rockhampton in Central Queensland and have a small stud consisting of 3 mares and a stallion. 
El-Jay Horse Stud is comprised of 8 small horses at present with two dual reg IMHR geldings.  

Meet Phoenix. Take a look at him now! DOB: 19/08/2006


Pictured  here is El-Jay Mystic Phoenix Dawn.  You may ask whats so special about Phoenix?  He was born 19 August 2006 sired by El-Jay Dukey Boy out of 11.2hh chestnut roan mare El-Jay Mystic Delta Dawn.  Six days after he was born Delta Dawn had to be put down as a result of twisted bowel possibly a complication from foaling.  I was very devestated when the vet discovered that she was bleeding internally and would not make it.  So all of a sudden we had an orphan.

At the time El-Jay Midnight Madeline one of my other mares had just started weaning a 8 month old foal and we tried to get Madeline to accept Phoenix.  Nothing happening Madeline reckoned.  Y2K Tiny Toy one of mums little mares had also lost a foal a week before and we tried with her but no Phoenix was not wanted by either mare.

So it was up to us to be mum.  We fed him Diveatlac the vets formula for 3 weeks, however during these 3 weeks it was touch and go.  Continuous bouts of scours and he was just surviving.  It was then that we tried him on goats milk.  Within 24 hours he was a new colt.  He thrived on goats milk and there was no holding him back.  He went almost every where with us, horse events the lot.  He was an attraction to say the least.  At 6 months and a huge expense later, well what can you say, he  was worth it, he was weaned and put into the paddock with the mares and foals.  He is now in a home with a family in Cairns as a riding horse.     Hes our special little fellow i guess you would say.

Phoenix pictured below at six months old.                            My little cousin bottle feeding Phoenix 4mths


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